Residential Permit Parking

Permit Parking Zones

Parking zones have been established following specific criteria in residential neighborhoods adjacent to major corridors or traffic generators.

  • A total of 23 zones are indicated with red and white “Permit Parking” street signs.
  • Parking is restricted on a block-by-block basis (numbered block). Certain physical blocks (bounded by two streets) contain more than one numbered block, in which case only a portion of the street may be zoned.
  • Only neighborhood residents with County-issued permits and passes and their visitors may park on these streets during restricted parking hours; drivers without a Vehicle-Specific Permit, FlexPass or a Short-Term Visitor Pass risk ticketing and towing.
  • Motorcycles and scooters may park in parking zones without displaying a permit or pass.

Illustration of a FlexPass.FlexPass

The free FlexPass is a dashboard placard that can be used in either a household or guest vehicle. The FlexPass is specific to the household and displays the zone number and household address. FlexPasses are renewed annually with a sticker (to be placed on the placard in the appropriate place) obtained through the program’s application process.

FlexPasses are nonreplaceable except in instances of theft. To receive a replacement, you’ll have to fill out a police report and present the proper information to the County. For more information, call 703-228-3344.

Vehicle-Specific Permits

Vehicle-specific permits are stickers placed on the bumper of the vehicle. The vehicles must be registered with the Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue at the zoned address. These permits are non-transferrable and non-refundable. In general, each household may have up to three vehicle-specific permits – however this number may be adjusted up or down at the request of the neighbors in a zone through a petition process. Households are defined as dwellings or units recognized by the Department of Real Estate Assessments.

Community-Set Limits

We recognize that in some neighborhoods, zoned parking participants may wish to set the limit for Vehicle-Specific Permits at more or fewer than three cars per household and have set up resident-initiated procedures for making such a change. This change can take place if 60 percent of the households in a particular zone sign a citizen-initiated petition, specifying a different limit. Residents interested in pursuing such a change in their zone should complete a petition form. For more information, email us or call 703-228-3344.

Illustration of a Short-Term Visitor Pass.Short-Term Visitor Pass

Residents may give a FlexPass or Short-Term Visitor Pass to their guests, allowing them to park on a zoned street. Short-Term Visitor Passes are tags hung from the rearview mirror that have circles representing the 12 months and the possible 31 days within a month. Residents fill in the circles and write the dates for which the pass is effective. Each pass is valid for up to three consecutive days.

Landlord Permits

People who own real estate located in a restricted zone but don’t reside at that location may apply for a Landlord Permit at no cost. These placards enable the owner to park at the zoned address for the purpose of conducting business concerning the property. Landlord Permits must be obtained in person only.